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Facebook COO Cheryl - Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg) new book, " rely on : women , work and leadership will" lead the nation for women 's professional pursuit, to discuss education issues of children and women work environment.
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    Sandberg said in the book , in the " Fortune 500 " companies CEO , women only 21 ; at senior corporate executives , women accounted for 14% ; seats on the board , women accounted for 16% ; in MPs , women accounted for 18 %. She believes that many women do not get equal rights factors, one reason: to tell them to stay away from the right to education , thus limiting women's aspirations, thus affecting their careers .

    Gregory Steele at the University of Arizona - McQueen (Gregory McQueen), as one of the researchers , said in a statement : " women more inquisitive mind , to get more possible solutions . and this quality makes them more competent company leader, especially as directors of the company , you need to strike a balance between multiple stakeholders , and to make the company the most favorable consideration . "

    Why do we need more women leaders ?

    Published in the " Journal of International Business Management and morality ," the study reported that , after 156 females and 486 males Board member survey found that performance of the company board has more female directors better.

    Another participant of the study , Professor De Groot School of strategic management at McMaster University in Canada - Chris Bart (Chris Bart), said: "Our study found that the increase in female members of the board of directors does not then only the right decision , it is wise , those companies may have too few female directors being hoodwinked investors . "

    However, women in the proportion of board members is still very low , most employees still prefer male bosses. Perhaps cliche , but most people think that women are usually a fatal weakness: the desire to discuss the need consultation and cooperation .

    In fact, Bart McQueen and believes that it will instead be strengths as a woman leader , and a leader in the male areas of expertise , women can do it well.

    " Leadership Excellence 24 rule " author - John Zenger and Joseph - Folkman , for 7280 the company has been a leader in performance evaluation found that more women than men succeed qualities , especially in the male dominance is generally considered to take the initiative and drive the results of two aspects, while men only in the management capabilities significantly better than women.

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