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im a fan because music is motivation and entertaining and when i here J. Cole music its like a biography of my life in song, if you had a hip-hop artist that every song and mostly every lyric is about your own personal life what would be even a reason to listen to someone else, i teach my click and my soldiers 1 thing that connect you with other people is loyalty when i said that i told them i hate every last 1 of you though but since you all none me i been loyal right,, they said,, right,,, then i told them man J. Cole go hard man you guys got to listen to his music then they all came back saying i love his music and 1 said im not into his music i just like how he say it,, then i told them you love me right,, they said right i said thats your answer you listening to my life in music,, to that 1 nigga i said you dont like me do you SGT. he said no i started laughing, then i ask him, when we sit down and talk ( and i listen respectfully and he ask me for my advice) why do you listen he said cause you know how to say things to make me think, i was like yea,, in my head i thought nigga you my boss,,,, thats why im a fan


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