"I Get Up" & "Get Away" JumpStarts My Day!!! 4rm Beginning-End, Feels like I Said It...


[Verse 1:]
I woke up early in the mornin' hoes blowin up my phone
Ain't use to small talkin' when they know I'm Tryna bone, f*** em'
I'll holla later man, right now my mind else where
My moms health care get her out this hell here
Alot of niggas fail, but frail niggas won't prevail here
We seen it all man niggas can't even spell scared
A fresh prince but yo my city ain't no Bel-Air
f*** if you would sell, I'm worried bout my welfare
So farewell to them broke days and bonjour to the most paid
Soon as my dough straight I throw the wifey in some dolce and put some chains on my niggas like own slaves
I get up look out the window hope the sun shining down on a nigga outhere front lining
I hit the streets and see them boys out here locking up some older head
So god damn homey hold ya head (And hold ya head)

I get up
I see the clouds from my window
I pray the sun gon' shine this way
And where I go as the wind blow
Momma ya son gon' find his way
And if I gotta crawl I'm a make to the end though
Up to the top if climb my way
And tell em' I'm a rise I'm on my...
Headed for the sky I'm on my way

[Verse 2:]
Paint a picture and show the deaf what it's like to listen
And speak the words and tell a blind man what he missin'
For all my niggas doin' time man up in prison
Thought you had to resort to crime man f*** the system
We raisin' babies up in hades where it ain't' no hope
Ain't no fathers don't take no scholarship to slang no dope
Politicians hollerin' bout' problems but I ain't gon' vote
He talk bout change still we floatin' in the same ol' boat
So tell me how I'm suppose to feel when the president spoke
When he ain't neva had to struggle ain't neva been broke
Ain't even roll through the ghetto ain't neva been close
Trustin' this government like trustin' the devil in oath
A rebel with quotes
I get up
Life style of the young black and reckless
A generation of niggas strapped and askin' questions
Like tell me why ain't got s***
I let this liquor fill my liver with them toxic
As I sip

[Verse 3:]
To all my niggas paper chasin'
I pray for your patience
Just keep the faith that you gon' make it one day you'll be cakin'
Takin' this s*** one step at a time
That real s*** is stuck in my mind but to that bulls*** I'm deaf and I'm blind
Destined to shine I'm a find a way
Cause hey
Dammit them jobs outthere ain't tryna pay
I pray
Granted 9 to 5 is how you survive
I ain't tryna survive, I'm tryna throw my momma in rides
I'm a provide for my seed I'm the soil
I teach em' bout' loyalty
I teach em' that his skin black like oil that's for royalty
I show em' all the things that my pops was neva showin' me
Treat em' like a growin' tree with this poetry
I get up
And show the sons how to lead not to follow
The present is our gift but our seeds got tommorow
So please niggas raise your kids
And help em' overcome that bull s*** they daze us with
I blaze the s***


[Verse 1:]

I wake up, hop out the shower spray cologne on while I'm dressing
They hollering about recession so my niggas out here stressing
But b****, I'm live and breathing so to me that there's a blessing
See life is like a test that I ain't never got no F in
Stepping out today, I got leave the crib
Momma stressing, I pray
That ain't no body gon pull the weapon out and spray
Cause I don't got no strap
And ever since we hit the depression niggas don know how to act
In, fact there goes some niggas there
Hating, I feel the stare
Me vs you shining is like a diamond and silverware
Let ya'll feel the glare I got to go now
I riding through the city with the windows roll down
Shorty holla, so I pulled up beside her
I'm fronting What's your name?
She told me boy you know me don't play no games-
Now look they say you blowing up hey is it true, right up?
I say, Girl they wasn't kidding like your tubes tied up

I'm hollering hey, good God what a day
I gotta say it feels good to get away
Where ain't nobody stressing over s*** they got to pay
Ay tell me what's work without play
All my niggas hollering hey, good God what a day
Hey baby girl tell me can you get away?
Where ain't nobody hollering bout the problems of the world,
It's just me and my favorite girl, now all around they holler

[Verse 2:]
Okay so word is spreading
That I done jetted to New York- I was just up there doing my thing
So now some folks I used to know is hollering out J. Cole!
I got to chuckle cause I know they used to say Jermaine
So who changed?
What's in name though, when niggas can't hang though-your shoe strings,
Your flow insane plus I got that flame throw, that Luke Payne
Even in the winter we bring, feelings of summer Suzan
We get them hooked like T-Pain
And scoop them hoes like loose change
Can you blame me? - I'm just a boy straight out the Ville
These wangsta ass niggas getting played out for real
Your acting like your trill, nigga you bet not!
You talking out your ass, you feinna get your head rocked!
This is where they shooting sideways
Boys getting blazed
Can't afford to fly so we high to get away
Now come here ladies see we trynna get loose, poured up
Take this juice, we gon mix it with this Goose, don't throw it up

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