Hand chest pass

<a href="http://jumpmanualreviewpdf.tumblr.com/" target="_blank">Jump Manual</a> In basketball passing techniques, hands chest pass technique more commonly used.
Hand chest pass the ball technology needs attention when hands fingers to separate the natural, relatively thumbs into a figure eight. When the ball with a finger over the rear part of the root ball of the side, palms out to be empty. Meanwhile, elbows bent at a natural side, the ball placed on the chest area.
Conduct hands chest pass when the body maintain a basic standing posture, eye gaze passing target, not looking down at basketball. When his hands chest pass, after the pedal, the body center of gravity forward, while briefly reach the forearm, wrist abruptly turned upward, with wrists shake and thumb, food, pointing to the direction of the force passes plucked the ball out.
When his hands chest pass, to rapidly arm, wrist rapid flip, under the thumb pressure, forefinger and middle finger firmly reversed the ball.

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