I just want to say I'm your biggest fan! I listen to you every single day! While I'm at work, driving or going for long walks! Your music does something to me! You lift me off the ground and guide me through my life! Your lyrics are deep, meaningful and so creative!

I saw you preform last night in Sydney for the Rapture tour, Your amazing live! My girl and I came to only see you!! Not anyone but you! And I just want to let you know that you have lots of fans in Australia! You mean a lot to us! We love you Cole!

I can tell you appreciate your fans. You were making your way out while Eminem was performing and we were reaching out for you, and what shocked me the most dawg that you stopped and my girl kissed your hand and gave you a hug, and so did I! We were both wearing your Born Sinner T-Shirt! And you made my girls night! never seen her so exited LOL! She loves your music, your looks and she's your biggest fan I just wanna thank you for going out of your own way to appreciate us!

I'm a rapper myself, your music motivates me to get better, deeper and have more passion for music! I can tell your into your Neo Soul! Which I love! Thank you for being so real and sending out great messages! My girl and I are always pumping "Rich Niggas" and rapping along to it! You are a Rap God!

Hope to see you again!! Please come back to Australia!

We'll miss you!

Your biggest fan!
Hussein aka PainO

My Facebook info: Hussein Loco

Email: <a href="mailto:hussein.nassar@live.com.au">hussein.nassar@live.com.au</a>

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