I'd give all I have for my younger brother to meet J Cole in Toronto

I know J Cole may never read this but it's worth a shot.

I raised my half-brother as my own son, both my father and his father skipped out on us and my older brother. We were the kids that the schools had food drives for. Our mother was in an accident when I was 14 and he was 5. It left the entire left side of my mother's body paralyzed and left me caring for him. We've been through some ish and the one constant factor that helped us get through it all was music. You are his idol and his motivation to keep dreaming and to keep following those dreams. From mixtapes to albums he has them all and is one of your biggest supporters.

I know it sounds like the same old thing you hear from everyone but I only speak the truth. I would do anything for my brother to meet his idol. I tried buying the meet and great tickets for his Toronto Oct 8 show but they were sold out. I don't have much money but I can try my best to save up for just my brother to meet him. The kid deserves a break and my reward is seeing the smile on his face.

Please let me know if there is any possible way for me to make this happen. I can come and clean trailers, shine shoes, whatever. I will put pride aside for my family any day

Love from Toronto


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