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Dear: J.Cole
I recorded the show Jimmy Fallen just to see you perform and you were amazing.I love your music!!! (:I like how people can relate to your lyrics and that not a lot has to do with drugs, sex, Ect... My brother and his friends have been BIG fans since along time. And i have been a fan since i heard lights please in 2009 my freshman year and know college freshman . It's since then your my go to rapper and the reason i love rap music before i was not into it. So we all believed in you since before you were on t.v. or on people's minds. And i'm so happy that you're getting recognized around the world. For my computers class we had to pick a favorite artist and make a powerpoint about them and i picked you. We talk about them and had to pick our favorite song and i was stuck their just trying to find one i'm in love with to0 many, so it was hard to pick one. Can't wait to hear more about you! Keep up the great work!
you have so much that needs to be heard
YOUR new cd is amazing
#amazing #talented #hotguy #inspiring
♥ Susana Estrella

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