Thanks for your Music- Keep it up, Please dont stop.

"fake rappers anit practice what the preaching, they tell you hit the trap while the relaxing on the beach in." J. Cole - Show Me Something.
"He was young like 21, straight up out a city that im from. Real smart nigga but his niggas was duMb. He anit even get a chance to run before it landed in his lung. God breath nigga, his partner screaming dont you f***in leave nigga. Took off his shirt tryan stop the bleed. Nigga dont you go. But his life fading slow." J. Cole- Can I live.
"That s*** that rappers spit is nothing like real life. You made a milli off serving hard white? yeah right. My mama tell you what addicted to that pipe feel like." J. Cole Breakdown
Love Your music because it has possitive messages within it. Also because its relatable. When I was younger watch a friend die in my arms, from gang banging. We had a shirt to try and stop the bleeding but it was too late. When I heard Can I live - it was like you was there. Love it. Keep it up. When is the next time you will be in NYC , VA, or Rochester?
Please keep dont stop putting out music. Your the realest rapper out. If you stop all we have to listen to is party hits. Your music reminds me off Tupac- my 1st favorite rapper. In your songs I see a way out the hood. I appreciate when you rap you talk about things thats matter to you or other people. Its not just songs for the radio. Thats the difference between one hit wounders and MC legends. Keep it up.
PS: Next time you come to Morrisville State College. Dont set the fire alarm off. lol. Cant wait too see you again.

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