Lost Ones

"Who be claiming that they love you just to get up in them draws. Knowing all the right things to say. I let you hit it raw mf. Now im pregnant and you dont wanna get involved mf. Trying to take away a life. Is you God mf? I dont think so. This a new life here in my stomach. Regardless if im your wife. This new life here im gon love it. I aint budging ill just do this by my mf self. See my momma raised me without no mf help"

This is so true cuz when guys hear they girl pregnant they wanna leave or force the girl to get a abortion. But girls raise babies by themself everyday. Everyday there is a guy saying all the right things to a girl and end up getting them pregnant. And guys would leave the girl as soon as they find out. Most girls are alone in raising kids. And not grown adults i mean teenagers....young teenagers going through this. Guys need to learn that girls have feelings and also shouldnt just choose girls to get a quickie out of them and leave. These actions lead to consequences....perminent consequences. Even though guys may leave a girl going through a pregnancy these girls have to learn that they put themself in that situation so u cant find quick and go situations. You gotta live through them and learn from your mistakes.

This is why j.cole is my all time favorite rapper. He speaks the truth. and if you dont like it well you cant handle the truth. This song is basically everyday life that majority people in this world go through. Its just a matter of getting through these situations.

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