I <3 You :D Can i meet you pleaseeeee!!!??

Hey cole,

hope u do read this and show some love to ur fans up in the UK! WOW u must be tired from all this touring, but im coming to see u on the 28th november in birmingham.. AND I would love to see you backstage in person! (i see some people have already had the same idea as me but pls believe me they would not apprieciate it like i would) LOLOL also when i mentioned love i ment it as in i love your music, the talent, personality and story thats in all of your songs.. ohh gosh.. i listen to u everyday! Some of my friends just dont get me, but im working on that!! LOL please please please holla me back if u get chance.. im on twitter @C3LISE get at me if you have time.

Keep it coming!!
God bless

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