J. Cole River Oaks Meet & Greet

So I went to the J. Cole meet and greet yesterday, October 9th, in Calumet City, Illnois. My question is- why were we not allowed to take pictures with him OR hug him? I really don't think that was fair at all. I saw pictures/videos of other meet & greets and the fans were allowed to take pictures with him. Also, I noticed that there were a few that did take pictures with him towards the end, but the rest of us only got an autograph, which I'm very thankful for, thank you J. Cole, you truly are talented and sweet. I adore you so much!! Next time you come to Chicago (soon??)make sure it is not River Oaks. Your fans would love to be able to interact with you better. I don't know if that is a policy of DLTR, I'm sure it was not J. Cole's idea that we were not allowed to take pictures. Clearly, I'm upset.

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