Return Of Simba!

This song busted me up in tears and aint even scared to admit it. I will and forever support you as a fan. Youve earned my respects. But back to the subject.. When I first listen to the song, just the intro got me to tear up. Man the lion king movie was my dads and me favorite movie back when I was a kid. We would see at least twice every month. And well of course he once did also give me that dad to son serious/speech talk about how I want you to be someone successful in life and to look after my mom and brother for after he died. But back when I was a kid I assumed he was just drunk of his mind since he was an alcoholic. He did put alot of pressure on me since I was the oldest, and I demonstrated to him that I would try my hardest in class by being on top of all my classmates. I would show up to class headstrong, and avoiding the family issues that we had within my family. (Dont get me wrong I would always get into fights every once in a while) But right after my dad died of liver cancer due to the alcohol. Everything he told me finally knocked some since into me. Im now 23 without really having a childhood due to the reason that I was forced to mature at a young age. So I thank you not only for making amazing music but for helping me remember that we need to struggle first in order to capture success. FYI Man when you came to denver at the ogden theater we were about to get your ass some krispy creme donuts with some strawberry milk! lol but I at least my bro and I got the chance to meet you and take a pic. Thanks for stayin out those extra few mins for your fans my bro really looks up to you.

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