J Cole I just want to say the album is crazy, and it was worth more than two number 3s lol. I been a fan every since I heard you on WALE Beautiful Bliss. That was one of the best verses I have ever heard in my life.

Well I love the production on the album, but a 9th Wonder or a DJ Premier beat would had been crazy. I would love to see you rap on both of their beats for the next album. I hope to be able to see you on a song with NAS, Phonte or Elzhi by the way. I wish you the best in your career, and may GOD bless you.

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Friday Night Lights (Mixtape) 08/19/2011

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    My 6yr daughter has a lot of medical issues and I'm trying to get our van modified so she can ride in her wheelchair. Can you help us or hav...