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Here's where posts about tour dates should be posted.
61821 Woche 6 Tage ago
511036 Wochen 2 Tage ago
by jccmusic
173033 Wochen 5 Tage ago
by fkhresxovn
264520 Wochen 13 Stunden ago
by testube
34572 Wochen 4 Tage ago
by Daddys Little Girl
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Axixs came on my playlist after j cole on last.fm04 Jahre 32 Wochen ago
by colderthancold
J.Cole BACK HOME04 Jahre 29 Wochen ago
by Nook Jr
Two Cincinnati Dates04 Jahre 28 Wochen ago
by DanBoz
Sedrick The MC vs J. Cole04 Jahre 25 Wochen ago
by sedrickthemc
Who Dat Video.... Instant Classic IMO, Your Opinions?...14 Jahre 18 Wochen ago
by D2ThaZ
4 Jahre 17 Wochen ago
by tez
Is "Higher" a song from the album?04 Jahre 15 Wochen ago
by DatSephirothDude
Now What? Please don't turn.14 Jahre 31 Wochen ago
by Cedric2021
4 Jahre 12 Wochen ago
by mik3y
Whats Your Top 5 J. Cole Tracks From "The Warm Up"?24 Jahre 11 Wochen ago
4 Jahre 3 Wochen ago
by nfin333
Directly to J.Cole, I would like to interview you (by email) for my English class essay !!!04 Jahre 2 Wochen ago
by lucas_FIU
Nichols College concert04 Jahre 2 Wochen ago
by OneHundred
Friday Night Lights Mixtape03 Jahre 49 Wochen ago
by VanHalenDefLepFan88
Higher unedited03 Jahre 49 Wochen ago
by Armand
Can u release your earlier stuff like Come Up and The Warm Up?24 Jahre 3 Wochen ago
by Hexmo
3 Jahre 49 Wochen ago
by j9musiclife
J.Cole likes my music, how about you?03 Jahre 49 Wochen ago
by 5thchild
New female rapper wants advice 03 Jahre 45 Wochen ago
by Bonni
Vote for Friday Night lights 03 Jahre 41 Wochen ago
by R.Truong
This goes out to J. Cole himself!24 Jahre 24 Wochen ago
by JBoogie
3 Jahre 38 Wochen ago
by donotforget420
Opinions On Champion Remix13 Jahre 37 Wochen ago
by NeekaLoren
3 Jahre 33 Wochen ago
by Hasman
J. Cole is my favorite artist 03 Jahre 33 Wochen ago
by carsonpman9
had friday fight night for a while now. 03 Jahre 31 Wochen ago
by goodguy
J. Cole Facebook Banner03 Jahre 31 Wochen ago
by gfxxX
let's get this straight 03 Jahre 29 Wochen ago
by INSIGHT_001
New J. Cole mixtape - Light Up13 Jahre 30 Wochen ago
by TrueHopTunes
3 Jahre 28 Wochen ago
by TrueHopTunes
Cant find this freesyle!!03 Jahre 23 Wochen ago
by Joker32
Remade J. Coles Instrumentals03 Jahre 14 Wochen ago
by lilmagicz
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    Hey, I'm not sure if the real J.Cole will ever get to read this but I have a favor to ask. My best friend Ruben is obsessed with your music (i...