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Here's where posts about tour dates should be posted.
61821 Woche 6 Tage ago
511036 Wochen 1 Tag ago
by jccmusic
173033 Wochen 4 Tage ago
by fkhresxovn
264519 Wochen 6 Tage ago
by testube
34572 Wochen 4 Tage ago
by Daddys Little Girl
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Old Cole02 Jahre 39 Wochen ago
by kLally
Opinions On Champion Remix13 Jahre 37 Wochen ago
by NeekaLoren
3 Jahre 33 Wochen ago
by Hasman
perform in Africa02 Jahre 26 Wochen ago
by elvisboy
Presale Passwords for up coming Tour43 Jahre 9 Wochen ago
by rickydakid20
1 Jahr 6 Wochen ago
by ashleyswagner
PURE TALENT03 Jahre 3 Wochen ago
by Colebby
Real Rap.02 Jahre 47 Wochen ago
by Iheart_JC14
Remade J. Coles Instrumentals03 Jahre 14 Wochen ago
by lilmagicz
Sedrick The MC vs J. Cole04 Jahre 25 Wochen ago
by sedrickthemc
Serious050 Wochen 6 Tage ago
by TyDavisNC
Showin Love01 Jahr 43 Wochen ago
by BeyouTfullest
Sideline story remix 02 Jahre 4 Tage ago
by flexlp
Spoken word poets12 Jahre 9 Wochen ago
by Tyc
2 Jahre 7 Wochen ago
by Tyc
Sweetheart <301 Jahr 3 Wochen ago
by thatonegirl
TEAMJCOLECHICAGO 13 Jahre 1 Woche ago
by teamjcolechicago
3 Jahre 1 Woche ago
by teamjcolechicago
The Cooldown01 Jahr 44 Wochen ago
by daned
Therapist 02 Jahre 2 Wochen ago
by Cole world85
This goes out to J. Cole himself!24 Jahre 24 Wochen ago
by JBoogie
3 Jahre 38 Wochen ago
by donotforget420
This man is a genius!03 Jahre 4 Wochen ago
by chantelly02
THOUGHTS ON HELL'S KITCHEN 135 Wochen 2 Tage ago
by mulsannemafia
17 Wochen 1 Stunde ago
by ĿƱĿƱl
Top 5 off of the album23 Jahre 3 Wochen ago
by Mr.NiceWatch
2 Jahre 23 Wochen ago
by karen9721
Two Cincinnati Dates04 Jahre 28 Wochen ago
by DanBoz
Vote for Friday Night lights 03 Jahre 41 Wochen ago
by R.Truong
What are your thoughts on Crooked Smile Video21 Jahr 4 Wochen ago
by Kero3kiwi
1 Jahr 3 Wochen ago
by PoeticAvidity
What do you think about the commercial for Cole World: The Sideline Story? 03 Jahre 8 Wochen ago
by RaShan McClarty
what does j.cole music means to you62 Jahre 41 Wochen ago
by sean duesbury
44 Wochen 4 Tage ago
by Ruth Bizuneh
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  • 10/23/2014

    Hey, I'm not sure if the real J.Cole will ever get to read this but I have a favor to ask. My best friend Ruben is obsessed with your music (i...