In 2010, which cities should I come to?

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COME TO SLC UT12 Jahre 35 Wochen ago
by Tddeesut
2 Jahre 32 Wochen ago
by NatyNats
SLC, UTAH02 Jahre 33 Wochen ago
by NatyNats
BOISE, ID!!!02 Jahre 33 Wochen ago
by MondoCash
Come back to the 91002 Jahre 31 Wochen ago
by 910Sierra2-6
Toronto chick waiting for you. 02 Jahre 31 Wochen ago
by Steph
OMG ! J.cole you need to come to Hartford,Ct. 02 Jahre 31 Wochen ago
by KeepingItReal
Come to Bulgaria, Sofia!!02 Jahre 30 Wochen ago
by alexia
Come Back to ORLANDO FLORIDA, on your way back from Miami on July 21st!!!12 Jahre 15 Wochen ago
by Bri_Cole
2 Jahre 14 Wochen ago
by dft4741
Abq nm by yourself02 Jahre 12 Wochen ago
by Reese_cup_xo
had a lot01 Woche 3 Tage ago
by redhairgreendr
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