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"Look, I spot her walking in the mall,
Okay, it's time to grow some balls if she really gon' be yours
Oh my god, I'm walking towards her
My mind screaming stop, but my legs keep walking forward
Straighten up your face, nigga, she see you coming for her
My heartbeat racing, and my hands keep shaking
Say something, you shy motherf***er, she's waiting,
"Wassup girl, don't mean to interrupt
But in the city I done met a lot of women
But you from my dreams, ay will you come true?
I know about a show that we can catch, some R&B and rap, ay you should come thru"
She said, "uh, I love too, except I don't like rap
Besides, if I went with you, then I don't really think my man would like that"
Okay, you say you got a man, I mean, I definitely understand,
I'm happy for you, really am, I couldn't have been the only fan
In the world Of a girl like you
I mean, you're beautiful, and I'm sure he's a very nice dude
It ain't no biggie, well I'm sure that I'm gon' see you around the city
Only thing I ask if s*** don't work out for y'all, don't forget me
And don't act like a stranger when you see me on the scene."

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