Even though our paths may never cross

No, I'm not a die-hard fan; I don't know your birthday, what your family life is like, or your favorite color. I you are no greater than me or anyone else on this earth, but ever since my senior year (3yrs ago) when I heard "Lights Please" and "Losing Your Balance" I fell in love. Your music is meaningful. It's not just crazy jibberish to a hot beat but it tells a story, it teaches, it inspires. Something new artists today lack. As I listened to you more and more I grew very fond of you. Felt like you were a cool person, someone I could befriend. With each new song you came out with, each new mixtape, album, concert, etc....your success brought a smile to my face. It was as if we were childhood friends and to see you come up and make it made me overjoyed. Weird, I know....don't judge, I'm a very sympathetic person. But anywho, I wish you even greater success in the years to come, continue to produce and write amazing songs. I won't be able to see you for this concert despite my desire to get the VIP package but school and bills come first. Next time, God willing, I will get to shake your hand an introduce myself and to tell you thank you and it is a pleasure to finally meet my favorite artist.

Continue to strive for greatness!

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