Crooked Smile

I'm not sure if J Cole will actually read this but, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for this song. About 6 months ago my 15 daughter was involved in an accident at her school which left her with her front teeth being broken out and some serious dental issues. Since the incident she has continuously been harassed and bullied about having no teeth. She does, however, have partials but cannot get implants until she is 18. About a week after the incident, she demanded to go back to school but was unable to. Now that she has returned back, and also having her partials she still stands strong and walks through the hallways of her school as if nothing happened. One day I heard her play this song over and over again. She said, "Mom! This is my theme song." Now everytime I hear it I cry, because the words you spoke uplifted her and reminds me of how beautiful she is with or without teeth. She is a very popular young lady, but it hurts to see my baby like this. On the other hand, she has stood strong and stood up to people who continues to throw jabs at her about her mouth. She is a spicy young lady who takes nothing from no one, but she knows this is physical and it doesn't matter to her. Thank you for your oh so inspirational song and I hope that you will be able to read this so that you know just how much I appreciate it.

A parent,

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