The Badness & Cheer Up

There's just so much about the song "The Badness" that relates to me. My favorite line in the song is "I swear I walk with God but the devil keep following." That line touches me the most because I feel the same way, like, ALL the time. Feelin' as if I'm going down the right path, the path where I believe God is showing me and yet, as I look behind me, I feel as though I made the wrong decision. There's so many turns to make in life, you just gotta have faith. I wouldn't know till I see the outcome of it, you know? Then that's when I'll know I made it. This song definitely inspired me to open my eyes up, pay close attention to where I'm headed.. list pros and cons of it all.. then keep on pushing it.
Now "Cheer Up"? Where do I get started with this. I was kinda upset that this song wasn't in CWTSS. But, regardless, the album was great, Cole, amazing. "Cheer Up", one song, TO THIS DAY, I can't press skip on when I hear it. THIS song, I know the lyrics to it.. but the part that touches me deep down inside is the 2nd verse to it all... "I wake up in the morning and I ask myself, is life worth living, should I blast myself? Don't even wanna get out of bed, I got the glock to my head feel I rather be dead. Aye, am I hopeless? Raised with rats and roaches, never liked them teachers, couldn't stand my coaches. Asked what's the matter but you can't relate, living the life that you hate but you can't escape. Feel like I'm stuck here, that's why I don't give a f*** here, there's no luck here, no body to trust here. My own mother, yeah I love her, but thangs I heard as I child under my covers, left me with scars it was hard to see her suffer, duckin' my heart and I don't know if I'll recover, I'm goin' under. & as I'm headed out the front door, she say she proud of me and I wonder what for.. & once more..."
That line is pretty self explanatory. Related to me soooo damn well especially since I don't got a real close relationship with my mom, and a lot of personal s*** I been through, it Inspired me to keep on going, regardless of what struggle I'm in.. as the song title says "Cheer Up".

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