Spoken word poetry


Shes is... She is 
My definition , so let me
Grasp your attention,
This a demonstration of my love...

Straight up, 
She took me ,she took me 
Yup ,put the hook in me,
Baby I'm on the line
On the phone , hung up to get mine
Yo , 
No no 
My throne will come in time 
I'm in my zone ,she so fine.

I can't be breathing What's this I'm seeing f..k the rhyeme
Tower by the hour we climb
this is our time.

I love you !....

this is so true , so real
So raw
we grew and
we saw all , gods gift in a school hall 
Our world is cold but yet she a thaw.

How I feel is how I never can not!
 This is why I am the odds....
Oh how now I'm praying to god....

Yo mojo so dope can we grip can we cope or will we tip ,
will we fall 
Hell no ill never stop 
baby , just stay in this car . 
We can drive to the star
I sware it aint to far .

My foot on the peddle I say as long as I'm fast ,
 I forgive my self of the past 
f*** you who doubt I'm here to last 
so here I shout this life's a blast 
I wound myself my words our cast.
( heart beat - only music)
(5 seconds)

This my story so don't you kids worry
I come like a storm ,not flurry I promise there's no need to hurry.
This is where I where born then born again , I reach out so u find a friend .
 I pray you her and always him
I say I'll be here till the end

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