Too close to being never there

Once apon a time a dream was just a this day a dream is still a shadowed vision but with a ray of light shinning from the other side. I have searched and prayed for someone to come out and be my light..and thanks to Mr. Cole I have found it. I found my passion! I have been inspired...inspired to sing the songs that need to be sung. The songs that my heart feels needs to be out there. I want to thank you j. Cole for making me realize that my dreams are not unreachable if I actually hold out my hands. You might not read this ,but if you do I want you to know how much that I appreciate you. Keep going and never slow down. you are and even though you may not feel like such right now you have won. you won the love...the support...the chance most don't even receive. Spit you rhymes..tell your story...becuase this is soon gonna be COLE'S WORLD! Smile

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