J. Cole's OFFICIAL Single: "Who Dat"

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Check out J. Cole's new single "Who Dat"!! DOWNLOAD IT HERE

"Who Dat"byRocNation

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Indeed one of his greatest song. Thumbs up for this one!

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Yoooooo.........am I the only one listening to this dude....Drake who? I mean I aint hating but J. Cole ish is thick, crazy substance....2up2down

Oops, looks like we can't find that page!

(that's what the site is tellin me when i want to download your new single Cole!)

s*** hot my nigga cole doin it big.

Yo this some dope s***. If this track was crack id never go to rehab.
Yo cole best come to the West coast. Hit up Fashawn make a legendary night in Fresno Cali.

can't download because it says the download limit is reached

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