Mr. Cole

Mr. Cole,

I would like to begin this message by saying that I have the utmost respect and admiration for you as both an artist and a man. Throughout my eighteen years on this earth I have never felt such a connection to music. The stories you tell in each one of your songs are captivating and inspirational. Although I have never met you I feel a strong connection to the words you speak through your songs, interviews and the life you live.

I have been writing this message for about four months now. I know it is coincidental that I am delivering this shortly after the release of your first album, but I would like you to know that you have been my favorite artist and role model for over about a year and a half. I have songs from all of your mixtapes (The Come Up, The Warm Up, etc.).

My reason for this message is not just to tell you how I am your biggest fan, or how I aspire to live my life similar to the way you live yours, it is because I would like to make a movie about your life. From the time I was small, about 4-5 years old I would put on plays for my grandmother using my action figures and dinosaurs and s*** as actors. When I was about 11 and started listening to rap music my stories became more about rags to riches stories. All the stories I’ve ever written were about the journey of a hero. The reason being was that I lacked someone I could truly call my hero. I used these stories to create a fictional hero, someone I could use as a model to govern the way I lived my life. However, nobody I have ever met, listened to, or watched on television has been more compatible with my stories than you have. By this I mean that you are truly the most prominent role model in my life and like you always say, “you better dream boy”, therefore I would like to follow my dreams and work with you to make this movie.

Mr. Cole it would be my dream if I could somehow meet you and have you just read the screenplay I have written about your life. I have done a lot of research about your background and based on that I already have a foundation for my story about you. If I could somehow learn more about you, I could finish this story, and hopefully by using my talents and your influence, we could work together to make this screenplay happen, and show it to the world. Please don’t think I am using you, and your fame to make my dream of making movies come true. My dreams are simply to meet you and have you listen to my ideas, if you are not interested I understand you are an incredibly busy man, and you have priorities far more important than this. I would like to end this message by letting you know that you are my inspiration in life, my hero, role model, and you have truly changed my life through your music and overall journey.

Your Greatest Admirer,
Matt Mandel

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