J.Cole Is Real..... He is The Truth..

i love J.Cole he is real , he speak real, you can tell when he spits he is not trying to just fit in. Meaning talking about what every other rapper talks about nowadays bitc***,hoes,guns, etc! He speaks real life ishhh.! He is a THREAT! Everybody better watch out or dont either way he comming for all ya'll necks! He is the BEST in my book ! His Word Play is outta this world... His Flow is actual FLOW! rolls off the tounge like there is no thinkin to it! He has true Talent. My Ipod all day is J.Cole!! i wake up to it , eat to it, shower to it, lol work out to it, sleep to it! Without having to skip a song! Thats a true good artist where you can listen to his CD without having to skip a track!! and hes EDUCATED had a degree which is so SEXY i might add! He has his head on straight and he real! LOVE IT!! LOVE HIM! LOVE EVERYTHING! Ps. KRISPY KREME IS WHERE ITS AT.. FORGET THE *DUNKIN NASTY-ASS DONUTS* LOL

P.S.S - I will be at the Silver Spring Md Concert on October 19th @ 7pm ! I Will be the LOUDEST, LIVEST Person out there!! Give Me A Shout On Stage! Lol Just A Thought... Smile

NEiiSHASoCOLE21- Tonisha Renee - West V
Neisha - So- Cold

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