Off topic?

Hardly wrong but always "guessin"... hardly on and always flexin
When I'm a "Great" you always "peasant"
And when they call you the "answer" you need a damn "correction"
I! I'm teachin class like this is my profession
Other nigga's education need a new direction
...Thats why a hater's fuel is only "resin"
Cuz I always bring my own flame
Now I'm tryin saaaaang like these other f***aaaaaas
Tired of modern rappers we deserve to get some shut eye
s***s been goin worse, but change is now better??
I wish they never raped H.E.R.
...cuz Nas wont respect H.E.R.

And they say x6
You can sign that contract if you want, you want x5
Best believe they in command
Its pay day x6
Another cash cow and you're just the pawn, the pawn x5
You can sign the con-tract if you want...

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