New female rapper wants advice

Hello my name is Bonni and I am from Denver,Colorado. J. Cole was recently here on tour for music matters. Seeing J.Cole live will seriously have you speechless. I've been writing music all my life but just now, I notice that I want to become a female rapper. Nowadays female rappers either try to be "hard", show their bodies like they're in playboy, or there just isn't any female rappers at all because they personal feel like it's to hard to stay and get into the rap business. I believe that I am in my own category because I am not like other female rappers. I believe that I am not like other female rappers because I am not trying to change up who I am, where I came from, and what I represent in my songs and lyrics. I also believe that everyone gets advice from the people that inspirers them the most no matter what type of job you want/have. To be honest I really don't want to use the phrase "to become a rapper" because I already am a rapper but I'm not a well known rapper beyond my community. I would like my rap skills and songs to get recognized more often then it should because my songs mean more than " how much money you have" or "how long I can last in bed". So I would really want everyones advice and support on my dreams of making a world a different place by my lyrics that everyone can relate to and my songs that everyone can enjoy to listen to.

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