Can't Cry

Can't Cry verse two
J cole classic Such a real verse

I sit back and watch the news every now and then,
Either get depressed or mad from watching the world just crash,
Even the weathers bad.
It be the same s***, got my brain twisted,
Like damn it's '06 and niggas still up on that gang s***?
Yesterday this kid got his whole frame split
Only seventeen, he was finna graduate in like three weeks,
some stupid niggas got him for his chain,
But he fought back, they blasted him and left him on the pavement
And now they telling me this little girl just got raped,
Some dude snatched her and she was standing at the bus stop, wait,
man she just eleven!
What the f*** is up with this world,
got these grown niggas f***ing with girls?
Plus the cops harassing us,
every week be blasting us, on accident, or so they claim
Reporters sympathizing like they truly know the pain
They killed her only son,
Make her wanna blow her brains out,
Change the channel man I can't watch this s***...

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